Last month, KALAHI had conducted an event for our Kabayans at OWWA. They had received gifts and three of them had won a cash vouchers. We have received a message from Ms. Imelda Noval, who have conveyed her appreciation.

To Ms. Imelda,

“We would like to express our happiness, that we were able to help you. It is always a pleasure and we are glad that we have helped you, more blessings to come!

God Bless You”


Congratulations To All Winners

To all the winners of the Cash Vouchers and who have been entitled a plane ticket, we are most happy for all of you and we wish you all the best in life.

And to Ms. Irene Inggao, who had sent us a heartwarming message “Thank you and we are glad that we have had an opportunity to help you”. Remember that the sun will always shine after the storm just always pray, through everything and anything you will finally get through it, because God is Good. Spread the love and never lose hope, we wish you success in life.


Our Kababayans at OWWA

KALAHI had come to visit our Kababayans at OWWA, to reach out to them by a simple kind of a small event that we had prepared for them. With the help of our other co-Filipino workers and officers, we had gathered garments and goods to be distributed.

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 On the behalf of KALAHI, we would like to convey our appreciation to all those who had been a part and helped us, specially to our major sponsor Ali Bin Ali which have always been a part of us. God Bless Us All!